Student Uniform Choices


Please note that the following items are not allowed as part of the school uniform:
● Socks, leggings or tights in colors other than red, white, or navy blue
(no pink, purple, etc.)
● Jackets or hoodies with logos or writing worn inside during the school day.
● Flip flops, crocs, sandals, or open toed
● Cargo pockets in pants/shorts or shorts that are higher than fingertip length.
● Shirts without collars.
● Hats, bandanas, excessive accessories (i.e. headbands with big flowers, vests that are not school colored, decorative belts that
are not black, brown, or school colored, large hoop earrings, etc.)
Student behavior, school pride, and academic performance are influenced by what is worn to school each day. We hope to maintain
school safety, cohesiveness and a sense of belonging and unity with our uniform policies and are counting on your support. For
students who arrive out of uniform, if we do not have extra uniform items in your child’s size at school, parents will be called to bring a
uniform. If you need assistance with uniforms, please contact Ms. Freeman, Social Worker, or Ms. Newton, School Counselor.