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Principal's Message

Dear Osprey Families,

     Fall is in the air.  I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather.  First and foremost, we value your input in your child’s education.  Each teacher will be contacting you to determine a time to discuss your child’s performance on grade level standards and various assessments during the next few weeks.  Working together we will ensure a successful year for your child. 

     October is National Bully Prevention month.  Students will learn more about how to recognize and prevent bullying after an assembly.  It’s important to make it clear that bullying is unacceptable.  Engage your child in conversations about their school work and other aspects of schooling.  Help them identify a trusting adult at school: teacher, counselor, or administrator who can help them if they are having an issue.  Contact Ms. Jalissa Newton, school counselor, if you have questions or would like suggestions regarding ways to start the conversation with your child.

     October is fire safety month.  A monthly fire drill is performed at school. Talk to your child about fire safety and how to exit safely from various rooms in your home.  The local fire department will share appropriate information to educate and not scare children.  Contact them for more information.

Until next time,

Mrs. Ulmer 

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