House System

The Wizarding World of Lady's Island?

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By now you’ve no doubt heard your students excitedly talking about the house system we are implementing this semester at our school.  We wanted to write and share more information so that you can support your child in this exciting experience.  A house system is a team within a school that allows students to make friends outside of their class and grade, have friendly competitions, have a sense of identity and belonging with others, and have mentorship and guidance from adults that they may not otherwise interact with on a daily basis.

We have based our house system on a combination of methods used at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, a world-famous private school headed by former National Teacher of the Year Ron Clark, author of The Essential 55 and other books.  Of course, his work with houses is based on what is used in the Harry Potter series.

Because magical sorting hats and other wizardly things are not available (no funds!), students were sorted into their houses on Tuesday by reaching into a mysterious box and pulling out a colored wristband.  Pre-K and Kinder students are automatically part of Dogo, the orange house. This is the “house in training” and groups of Dogo students will be part of another house’s activities, apprentice style. When they reach first grade, they will spin the house wheel and take their place as a full member of one of the other houses.


Houses compete for house points, which we track on a leaderboard.  The house with the most points at the end of the year will be celebrated at our end of the year block party—maybe it will be a blackout (House Ajamu)!  Or maybe a red-out if House Umsizi takes the lead!

How can you tell which house is in the lead?  Look for the house flag flying proudly on our flag pole each week—you can tell by the colors!

We’d love your ideas, help, and support to help us make the house system magical for students.  We are investigating partnering with PTO to provide funds for each student to have a shirt in their house color.  A big thanks to PTO for having already purchased staff shirts for our kickoff!  Let your child’s house leaders know if you have questions.  We are excited!

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