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From the desk of Principal Jason Osborne

September 11, 2023

Hello Osprey Families,

We're off to a great start to the new school year! I want to personally thank each of you for the support and encouragement you've given not only your student(s) but our entire school family. It is a privilege to work each day with supportive parents and amazing professionals.

Our theme for the year is to CRUSH our Goals in 2023. The schoolwide focus will be goal setting processes at every level - student, class, grade, and school. You'll see students develop a leadership notebook this year where they'll showcase the efforts made toward goal setting as well as their leadership journey through the 7 Habits.

Our guiding practices will be consistency, relationship building, using every minute of available time, synergizing with others, and having high expectations. We'd love your support in reinforcing this paradigm at home.

Our end-of-year state assessment results and other data were released this week and we have a lot to celebrate!

  • Our enrollment has increased from 207 in 2021-2022 to 251.
  • 40 of 42 staff members returned, with no classroom teachers leaving.
  • 89% of teachers have more than 5 years of experience.
  • We are above the district average in ELA with 82% meeting proficiency.
  • We have the third highest math achievement in the district at 85% meeting proficiency, behind only Coosa and Okatie Elementary.
  • 91% of kindergarten students ended the year on or above grade level in math and 85% in ELA.
  • We saw a 37% increase in students identified academically Gifted & Talented.
  • We had the lowest discipline/suspension rate in the district for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • 98% of teachers rated parent involvement and partnership "high" on BCSD's school climate survey.
  • Our attendance rate improved from 21-22 at 93% to 96% average at school each day.

We could not have accomplished this work without the village. Thank you for being part of the village. Incredible things are taking place this year and I'm looking forward to even more growth.

As always, please reach out if you have questions, concerns, needs, or if you'd like to stop in an volunteer or simply visit the classroom.


Mr. O


The Beak Newsletter