GT Testing 2020

GT Screening at Lady's Island Elementary

GT Screenings for all second graders will happen over the next two weeks in person as required by state law. 
The tests are simple and results give parents a unique insight into their child’s verbal, non-verbal, and number-based strengths and challenges as well as to determine if the child meets a portion of the state’s criteria for being identified as Academically Gifted.  Three of the five short test sections are read aloud to students. Because of the unique schedules we are all on, the state has given a waiver for schools to schedule multiple tests per day instead of one short test each day for a week.
We will be using two days to test the five parts with breaks, lunch, recess, etc. in between portions.  AA and BB day students will test in-person on their designated days next week (Oct 19-23) with Ms. Marsh. 
Virtual-only students will come to campus the week after (Oct 26-30) to test with Mrs. Walker according to the schedule she has communicated to her families. 
Please let us know as soon as possible if a situation arises in which your child will be absent so we can work with you to make arrangements for an alternate day, if available.