House Crests

Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw?  Too simple!
For the second year, our school will divide students into four houses (in the style of Harry Potter) as we model some of the methods and practices of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA.  Missing this year is the House Dogo - our PreK and Kinder Sea turtles.  They were such amazing participants when they visited the other houses that they asked if they could join with our 1-5 students, and we listened!

Research shows that students thrive when given a sense of belonging, responsibility, and leadership opportunities, student engagement in school improves as well as achievement. Each of these things is possible when a part of a house.  It's the same as being on a PALS football team or belonging to a cheer camp.  As Rita Pierson said, "I am somebody!"  In their house, they ARE and are celebrated for their contributions to the house and the school.

Students are randomly selected by the house wheel when they enroll at our campus and are enthusiastically greeted by their housemates in our bi-weekly house meetings and at other events.  Each adult in the school is part of one of the four houses, and some are the house leaders.


Students compete for house points by following our Essential 15 rules and other expectations identified in the slideshow on this page.  Ron Clark developed 55 rules for his students that cover everything needed to be a successful adult.  We pared that down to a small number that was appropriate for our campus.  Please compliment our students on Rul 15 when you see them in the hallways on your visit - they will love the chance to earn a house point.  On the other side, the house may lose points if members receive office referrals.  Students who show leadership ability during house meetings are offered the chance to spin the house wheel where they will earn additional points for their house and others.

Weekly point winners are celebrated by having their house flag flown on the flagpole for the next week.  Each semester, there will be a winning house.  The 2018 Spring Semester house winner was Umsizi, the Red House, with 600 points.  At the end of the year, houses compete at Field Day for the House Cup trophy.  Umholi, the Blue House, took the cup during our May 2018 Field Day.

Students who have no referrals during each quarter are invited to a quarterly celebration celebrating good choices.  Students who did not earn the opportunity to attend continue with their day.  Ajamu, the Black House, will be hosting the first quarter celebration.

Parents are encouraged to support the house or houses their children are in.  If you are an approved volunteer, we'd love to have you during a house meeting!

See the individual house pages for more information.