Visiting Our School

Visit Our School 

In the wake of the recent tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, there has been a renewed push for examining current safety practices in schools nationwide.  Schools are meant to be safe havens.  As school leaders, we take our obligation to ensure that our schools are safe havens very seriously.  Here in Beaufort, our Superintendent, Dr. Moss, recently met with community leaders and school improvement council representatives for discussions focused on what safety measures can be put into place or assessed to make students safe and to address specific concerns.

Visitor Procedures & Safety Policies - Effective 2018-2019 SY 

This page outlines the changes that will be taking place at Lady's Island Elementary because of that meeting, a meeting of our own school improvement council, and a security audit by the district protective services officer.  We understand that these changes may slow things down a bit, so thank you for your patience and understanding.  Sheriff Tanner said it best that “safety is inconvenient.”  Please share this information with any family members and friends that are involved at our school, on your child’s pickup list, and do not hesitate to call us to clarify any questions that you may have.

YOU are always welcome on our campus.  But, our front door is the only entrance point into our building during school hours.  Please ring the bell as always, but be prepared to share your name and reason for visit so that we may determine how we can assist before the door will open. Only one person/family will be buzzed in at a time.  Please take a step back and allow the door to close.  Do not let others in behind you.  As you leave campus, please do not hold the door to let others in either.

When visiting our campus, you'll fall into one of two categories - visitor or volunteer.

Volunteers are parents, family, and community members who have completed the online volunteer application and received a comprehensive background check by BIB.  You will receive a purple lanyard and badge which you scan in the front office during each visit.  Volunteers have limited supervision in the building and may work with students in a one-on-one or in a group setting and may be involved with tutoring, copying, projects, being a room parent, etc.  Receiving a volunteer screening is the only way to attend a field trip as a chaperone due to the nature of needing to supervise students on the trip.  The process takes approximately 3 weeks.  Please apply to become a volunteer if you would like to serve in one of these roles. 

Visitors are guests on campus for a short time.  You will scan your ID or driver’s license in the office which checks against the national sex offender registry and district no trespass and custody list. You will receive a purple sticker which must be placed on the chest so that it is visible.  Visitors may attend a conference with the teacher or an administrator, eat breakfast or lunch with their student, visit the school nurse to drop off medication, observe for a limited period in their student’s classroom, visit library, etc.  Visitors are fully supervised always and will be escorted to and from their destination by a staff member.

Please help us avoid an uncomfortable situation by not “popping up” to speak with an administrator or teacher without prior notice, especially at arrival and dismissal times.  Our attention must be 100% focused on opening and closing the school day, supervising students, addressing transportation, and other critical task items.  Our office staff members will happily assist you with finding a time to meet with the teacher or administrator where their attention can be fully on your needs.  Please share the nature of your concern with the office team member helping you.  If you call, you will be asked to leave a detailed voicemail for the administrator so that he or she will have as much information as possible before returning your call.  This will help your concern be resolved more expediently.

If you frequently visit campus to “pop in” on your child for encouragement and support, please call the office before coming to campus. 

At arrival, the outside main door is locked.  A staff member will be standing there to open it for students entering the building.  We kindly ask that car riders arrive no later than 7:35 am.  We also ask that you do not use the bus loop curb to drop off.  Reminder:  You must send a note to change the mode of transportation for your child.  If there is not a note, your child will go home their regular way.

All gates on campus are locked. During special events, we will open the gate to the parking lot next to the field so that there is ample parking.  Visitors and volunteers may now park in the striped spaces in the bus parking lot, leaving the last few spaces toward the stairs open for our buses to exit if during the school day.

Please plan to be early for school events (musicals, awards, etc.) taking place during the day so that you will have enough time to be checked in.  We will no longer be able to offer a generic “visitor” badge.

The courtyard gate will be unlocked at the beginning of YMCA dismissal.  Parents picking up YMCA students should bring their ID to the courtyard door as usual.